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With the transition to normal nutrition in children, rapid decay can occur in milk teeth due to exposure to external effects. These milk teeth remain throughout the entire childhood, and the mixed dentition period, defined as the removal of permanent teeth until adolescence, continues. Teeth are essential for a child to eat healthily and avoid digestive problems throughout his life. Milk teeth also determine where permanent teeth will emerge and play a crucial role in the formation of the jaw structure. Milk teeth lost prematurely due to neglect may cause eruption difficulties in permanent teeth and even impacted permanent teeth. Therefore, the protection and treatment of milk teeth are critical.

It is useful for children to meet a dentist at an average of 3 years old. Thanks to this, natural adaptation takes place before the dentist phobia occurs. However, in many children who do not receive regular dental care, procedures such as filling and root canal treatment are applied when caries occur at advanced ages, and preventive treatments are also used. For teeth that are prone to caries, fluoride applications, and fissure sealant applications, which means covering the recesses on the teeth, are performed.


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